The Sumatrix Biotech is a family of animal-free and plant-free, bacterial-derived biofabricated materials.

Sumatrix Biotech uses biotechnology to transform waste into high-value products. Glucose and nitrogen from waste sources are used by bacteria during microbial fermentation and converted into biocellulose. Biocellulose is a unique material, it grows through natural fermentation. We support the growth of a sustainable bioeconomy by minimizing freshwater consumption, not using agricultural land and carefully selecting our inputs.  Sumatrix Biotech is a family of innovative biomaterials. The production is based on a unique technology for the reproducible production of high-performance nanofiber-structured biomaterials. Benefit from outstanding material properties. 

Biocellulose Properties 

  • White biotechnological production process 
  • Nanofiber structure 
  • Lignin/hemicellulose-free 
  • Ultra-pure cellulose  
  • Biobased 
  • High mechanical stability 
  • Thermal stability up to 350°C 
  • High liquid absorption and holding capacity 
  • Biocompatibility 
  • Recyclable and biodegradable 
  • Ultra light 
  • Flexible 
  • Rheology modifier 
  • Highly compatible with water-based systems 
  • Suitable for improving adhesion, scratch resistance, tensile strength, erosion, anti-reflective coatings and more 
  • A carrier platform for adding and dispersing other active nanoparticles for modification of optical properties, gas barrier, active catalysts and more 

Sumatrix Biotech invites you to join our bio-based revolution experience firsthand the endless opportunities that biocellulose bestows. From a simple additive to complex composite foams, from ultrathin coatings to thick films with integrated properties, biocellulose can be crafted to meet your needs. 


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