Sumatrix Biotech is a mission-driven company, pioneering hydrogel-based agricultural technology for sustainable and pesticide-free vertical farming.

Sumatrix Biotech developed the HydroGelPonic system as a new generation superhydrophilic hydrogel-based vertical farming technology. The HydroGelPonic system improves the sustainability of engineering, software and biotechnology and production by optimizing inputs and crop resistance, reducing operational expenses.

While water is the plant’s growth medium, the roots also require a soil substitute or medium for suspension. This usually consists of substrate materials, such as sponges, with which the roots of the plant can become entangled and attached to each other.

We see two major problems with most substrate materials used in hydroponic farming. Some materials are prone to breaking down, contaminating the water in the hydroponic system. Even if other materials remain intact, in most cases they become non-biodegradable waste.

That’s why we developed our own unique substrate, Jellylose, which is an edible, superhydrophilic hydrogel produced through microbial fermentation. We add amino acid-containing nutrients to the Jellylose formula that help the seed sprout and grow into a healthy seedling. The nutrients are absorbed by the plant through jellylose and we make it ready for harvest with the roots visible.

Jellylose originates from microbial cellulose and therefore has no adverse effects on plant health, appearance, taste or texture. Its main benefit is waste reduction, which effectively decarbonizes the vertical farm. Moreover, there is no need to cut or wash the product before consumption.
The HydroGelPonics system consists of Jellylose and IoT technology that provides data control.

  • Temperature,
  • Moisture,
  • pH,
  • Electrical conductivity,
  • CO2 sensors collect all data and transfer it to software.

Academic Publications

Please click on the link below to review our scientific publications and reports.


70% of our clean water resources are used in agricultural applications. Thanks to the superhydrophilic hydrogel technology developed by Sumatrix Biotech, the amount of water used in production is 98% less than traditional farming methods and 80% less than vertical farming methods.


HydroGelPonic provides energy savings of up to 60%, thanks to absolute control over ambient humidity, heat and effective LED usage.


Toxic pesticides used to protect from various pests cause a decrease in beneficial microorganisms in the soil and accumulation in products. The HydroGelPonic system protects both our products and nature by reducing the use of pesticides to zero.


Reports predict that two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. In addition, it is predicted that access to insufficient food will increase with the decrease of cultivated lands and the increase in world population. The HydroGelPonic system can produce vertically in the city, and can provide the products with the nutrients they need and provide optimum conditions through artificial intelligence algorithms developed specifically for the plant type with IoT technology.


The hydrogel used in the HydroGelPonic system creates an interface between the plant root and the culture medium. Thus, the plant is protected from culture medium derived contamination. HydroGelPonic improves the appearance and taste of products, allowing them to grow at the same speed until harvest time. It provides full traceability and pesticide-free production.

Carbon footprint

In the product produced in traditional agriculture, an intense energy is spent until it reaches our tables from the soil. The HydroGelPonic system saves water and energy with artificial intelligence algorithms and reduces its carbon footprint by 99% thanks to its production in urban.


Since the HydroGelPonic system can produce continuously throughout the year, it will also have a positive impact on trained workforce and permanent employment.


It requires very little maintenance thanks to the hydrogel technology and IoT system integrated into the HydroGelPonic system. So you will save time and worries.

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