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Creating the next generation “Green” biopolymers through biotechnology

Sumatrix Biotech produces biomaterial by using the biotechnological production process. We have repurposed industrial waste into bioactive and sustainable biocellulose-based products for hydrogel-based agricultural technology and skin care.

Sumatrix Biotech has an interdisciplinary network. We specialize in the production of innovative biomaterials using nanotechnology and biotechnology. Sumatrix Biotech’s technology optimizes the interface biomaterial as an artificial soil between the plant root and closed system fluid flow. Our center is located in Marmara University Technopark in Istanbul, the heart of Turkey. Our team forms the basis of our innovations. We are here for you with competent, fast and creative strategies, reliable and scientific approaches.

Your contact persons in our team are:

Dr. Semra Ünal Yıldırım

Berna Alemdağ

Laboratory and Quality Management

Dr. Rumeysa Sağlam

Mert Koray Ateş

IoT & Software Developer

Our Perspective &
What Can We Do?

The problem of climate crisis, which we have been hearing frequently in recent years, puts the future of the world in danger. The climate crisis, which has negative effects in many areas such as health, economy and natural disasters, has revealed the necessity of regulating production and consumption activities today. At this point, Sumatrix Biotech aims to produce biomaterials with a high level of awareness for a sustainable future with its academic and scientific studies.

It’s possible to succeed through cooperation

According to the climate crisis reports, the world no longer has time for a sustainable future! Alternative cellulose sources are the best option for a fast solution. Contact us to produce together with our academic thinking and scientific study opportunities, let’s shape the future together!

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